Melkunie - Bolletjesvla

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On the set they had a cow doll. This just felt a bit static because there is not much movement in it. For this we have chosen to replace her head and arms so we can animate more life and interaction in the cow. We also cleaned the wrinkle on the body and the udder.
Put a beautiful blue sky and some clouds in it... Voila, Bolletjesvla

In 2001 the brand disappeared from the shelves, and a year ago 42 percent of the Dutch people thought that Melkunie is stil standing in the store. So strong was the brand anchored in the collective memory, thanks to the then successful campaign ‘Al het goeie komt van Melkunie koeien’ with Peer Mascini.


  • Director:
    Hans van Rijs
  • Agency:
  • Production Company:
  • VFX Supervisor:
    Bram Vleugel
  • Colourist:
    Daphne Maierna
  • Editor:
    Ad Rietvelt
  • VFX Team:
    Bram Vleugel, Bram Buddingh, Boyo Frederix, Tom Schuijt
  • Online:
    Patcharee Sa-ardkitinun

What we did

Editing Visual effects Grading Beauty clean up



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