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Lotto TV commercial

Postoffice produced the latest TV commercial and tagon for Lotto. The challenge was to create a flexible character and a photorealistic bike in CG (computer generated).

Flexible character

Lotto wants to use the Lotto character in multiple TV commercials and animations. To set up the Lotto character in a scalable way we modeled the character and gave it a skeleton with maximum control to enable our animators to hit every key pose and create fluent animations. We used motion capture for quick iterations and to tried different movements on the fly. Afterwards our animators fine tuned the animation in full detail.

mocap motion capture Postoffice Amsterdam
Flexible character using motion capture

Product visualisation

In the TV commercial the Lotto character rides a sport bike. Therefore we’ve created the highly detailed bike in CG. As input we only received the physical bike. By using a combination of 3D scanning, modeling and texturing we were able to create a photorealistic CG bike.

product visualisation cg bike
Rendering of a CG sport bike for the Lotto TV commercial


  • Director:
    Hans Jonkers
  • Agency:
    Alfred International
  • Production Company:
    Jonkers Hofstee Film
  • Colourist:
    Daphne Maierna
  • VFX Team:
    Bram Vleugel, Bram Buddingh, Boyo Frederix, Tom Schuijt
  • Sound design:
    Marcel Bultman
  • Online:
    Patcharee Sa-ardkitinun

What we did

Editing Visual effects Grading Sound design Online



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